Shut The Box Game Play Rules


A game of dice, in which the object is to shut all nine box lids. You may use chips, play or real money for betting or to keep score. The game may be played with two or more players.

All boxes are opened at the start of the game and with each successive turn.
All players place an agreed amount of money or chips in the pot holding compartment.

BoxesThis graphic example shows the "boxes", which are actually sliding lids that cover the numbers. The #2 and #5 "boxes" are shut in this example.

The first player rolls the dice. The sum of both dice allows the player to shut a box corresponding to the total count shown on the dice.

Example: If a 3 & 4 were thrown the player may shut the 7 box, or the 3 & 4 boxes, or the 5 & 2 boxes, or the 6 & 1 boxes, all of which total 7.

The first player continues until all the boxes are shut or he can't shut any more boxes due to an unusable number on the dice. When this happens, all boxes are opened and the dice are passed to the next player and play begins again.

The player to shut all the boxes in his turn, replica mcm backpack wins the pot. If after all players have tried but failed to shut all the boxes, each player adds to the pot the sum agreed upon at the beginning of the game; this is repeated at the end of every round and play resumes until someone shuts all the boxes.